Dr Philip E. Lewis


CEO and Founder, VaasaETT

PhilipLewisDr Lewis is a World leading expert in customer behaviour, psychology & value, and related smart energy, marketing, service and competition issues in the energy utilities (electricity and gas) market globally. During 17 years in the liberalized utilities industry Dr Lewis has conducted research and strategic support in over 60 countries in five continents for a diverse array of over 500 organizations (utilities, governments, regulators and other stakeholders). As its CEO and founder, Dr Lewis has also led VaasaETT to become a world leading source of expertise, data and analysis on a range of smart energy reated issues.

In the fields of Smart Metering, Demand Response, Eco Home, Behavioural Energy Efficiency and Smart Grid, Dr Lewis directed leading international best practice projects, been at the strategic forefront of advanced service developments, advised governments, major utilities and other interest groups around the world and is a board member and co-founder of the Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC), the main industry group representing Europe’s demand side interests. He is also on the Advisory Committee of Smart Energy International, directed the Ventyx/ABB Smart Grid Global Impact Study, co-wrote one of the World’s first state-level smart grid implementation plans, has been a partner in leading EU funded projects such as ADVANCED and conducted worldwide best practice research for key industry asociations such as the European Smart Grid Industry Group.

Dr Lewis has been a prolific chair, moderator, keynote and speaker at over 100 leading energy conferences around the world (including keynote and chair at European Utility Week), has stood on the editorial board of the European ‘Energy Efficiency’ Journal published by Springer as well as many industry committees, is a reviewer for the International Journal of Energy Sector Management, and is a Faculty Member for the Diploma of Advanced Studies programme in Renewable Energy Management at the University of St Gallen Executive School in Switzerland.

Dr Lewis also edited and co-wrote the World’s first book detailing liberalization experiences globally: ‘The Energyforum Global Report’, has for many years been a co-writer of Capgemini’s European Energy Markets Observatory, and has written many other influencial public report

Formerly head of Marketing Research and Analysis for UK based retailing subsidiary of (now) BP Amoco and Edf, during the onset of competition in the British retail energy market, he was then founder and chief of Finland’s leading energy markets think-tank at the University of Vaasa.

Dr Lewis developed his graduate marketing expertise with American Express Bank in Frankfurt and National Westminster Bank in London and holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.