Dubai announces launch of 21 smart city initiatives


The announcement was made after D3’s hosting of the third annual Internet of Things World forum in December, demonstrating the smart city initiatives envisioned for the emirate, according to Gulf Business.

Initiatives will include the introduction of smart city services and facilities such as smart parking meters, smart energy meters, smart waste management and smart access control systems.

As a member of the Tecom Group, a software developer in broadcasting and telecommunications, D3 will launch the initiatives in conjunction with the Dubai Water and Electricity Authority, the Roads and Transport Authority and Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (EMPOWER).

D3 said that the projects will spur sustainability, resource management, energy efficiency and innovative ways of utilising data through data visualisation.

Tecom’s group chief executive officer Dr Amina Al Rustamani said: “We believe Dubai is ideally placed to provide the Smart City benchmark for the rest of the world’s emerging economies to follow.

“Through the 21 smart initiatives introduced at D3, we are seeking to change the way business is conducted across sectors, and to deliver a greater quality of life and experience for millions of people. Encouraging innovation and leveraging technology and data lie at the heart of this.”

Six dimensional smart city

[quote] The projects are designed around Dubai Smart City’s six dimensions or six core elements, including economy, living, environment, governance, people and mobility and are reported to be implemented across the site.

The site, D3 district, is currently made up of 11 buildings, and by 2018 will feature a one million square foot community – which has the possibility to expand to include a Waterfront all amenities such as hotels, retail concept stores, an outdoor events space, hospitality and leisure facilities.

Director general at Smart Dubai Office Dr. Aisha Bin Bashr said: “Our vision for the smart city is about making Dubai the happiest city in the world. There isn’t any one city in the world that claims to have checked all the boxes of being smart, nor emphasised the importance for people’s happiness.

“Built in close collaboration with several government entities, D3 is a greenfield benchmark for districts around the world, showcasing smart initiatives designed to improve the experiences of its visitors, tenants and business partners.”