E.ON UK begins energy storage pilot for industrial customers


According to a UK publication, the utility company partnered with energy storage company RedT Energy for the rollout of the project in Somerset in South West England.

The London headquartered energy storage solutions provider supplied E.ON with its battery storage technology.

[quote] Commenting on the development, Eliano Russo, the head of energy storage solutions at E.ON, said: “We have recently launched a residential PV and battery storage product to our customers in Germany and as we develop our experience from this project with [logistics company] JB Wheaton we are interested in speaking with commercial and industrial customers in the UK who would be interested in investing in a battery storage solution.”

The 4.0 kilowatt battery storage system will be used by JB Wheaton to store power generated from its on-site 3.5MW solar panel during the day and from the grid during off-peak demand periods for use during on-peak demand periods.

The system is said will improve the company’s efficiency on energy usage by minimising the costs of power purchased from the grid.

Scott McGregor, Chief Executive of RedT said: “Distributed energy delivers valuable local economic benefits to the customer as well as providing essential reliability grid services to the energy company.”

Customer engagement

The news follows early February E.ON UK’s recognition of its customer engagement programme at the 2016 Smart Energy Summit which was held in London.

The recognition was announced by Enterprise software company Opower which provided the utility with its technology Saving Energy Toolkit for the rollout of the project.

The Saving Energy Toolkit was created to help customers gain better insight into their home energy use, as part of E.ON’s commitment to helping its customers use and pay for no more energy than they need, stated a company statement.

Commenting on the launch of the new tool last year, Anthony Ainsworth, Marketing Director at E.ON UK said: “By delivering tailored advice and enabling customers to see how their energy use stacks up compared to similar homes in their area, we’re helping customers save energy and money, which in turn is helping us to improve customer satisfaction.

“Helping customers understand and control their energy use is key to building customer trust and our collaboration with Opower is enabling us to create a better experience for our customers.”


Image credit: www.energystorageexchange.org.