California Utility District signs $1.7m digital transformation deal


In California, the East Bay Municipality Utility District has signed a five year contract with digital solutions firm Sedaru to digitise the processes of its Operations and Maintenance Department.

The $1.7 million contract includes East Bay Municipality Utility District (EBMUD) deploying the solution providers’ Operations Management & Network Intelligence application.

The software suite will help EBMUD to monitor, dispatch, track, trend, and report-on data from across the O&M Department in real time.

Paul Hauffen, president & CEO, IDModeling, said the project “…brings a fast, real-time, map interface to office and field staff, providing unique and effective geospatial and data analysis tools. Staff will have instant access to infrastructure information shown graphically on a map and the tools to provide efficient and effective response plans.”

For instance, the software suite’s Sedaru Connect will enable EBMUD to integrate water distribution system data from GIS, work order management system, field collection, leak and shutdown response, valve exercise machine, and leak and pressure sensors.

Sedaru FieldForce will be used to help field workers to access real time data regarding the operations of infrastructure and technologies and to access field work orders for preventative and corrective maintenance.

Sedaru Outage will facilitate pipeline leak and break response and support pipeline shutdowns, while calculating water loss and receiving data from leak detection sensors in the field.

Sedaru Modeling will analyse fire flows and provide hydraulic impacts for informed shutdown response and planning.

Sedaru Implementation services will train and deploy the software to approximately 170 users including field staff, management, dispatch center staff, and other O&M and engineering staff.

The project is expected to help EBMUD to improve services to metering points providing water to more than 1.4 million people.

The project follows a successful pilot.