Electrify Europe: Challenging conventional wisdom in the power sector

This year’s Electrify Europe, taking place in Vienna 19-21 June 2018, focuses on an electricity sector undergoing rapid change and transition. Content themes are geared to understanding both the implications for your own constituent part of the industry and the bigger picture.

A wide cross section of the electricity value network will promote understanding and collaboration between power producers, transmission system operators, distribution utilities and the huge number of new market entrants that are now entering the energy sector.

Key themes

Mission Innovation

  • Mission Innovation is a global initiative that currently involves 22 countries and the European Union and aims to dramatically accelerate global clean energy innovation
  • The Mission Innovation workshop at Electrify Europe will provide the participants with updated information about the status of this global initiative, with a specific focus on smart grids and clean energy materials


  • Understand how the power sector is undergoing an all-encompassing transformation, driven by multiple imperatives.
  • Representatives from the European Commission, Engie and EDP will provide an overview of the challenges imposed and the opportunities provided by the decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation of the power industry and its convergence with the industrial and service sectors at its periphery.
  • The discussions will focus on new business models, management strategies and value propositions that emerge in the integrating electric power supply system

Big data, big opportunity

  • Explore how the Industrial Internet is taking convergence and sector coupling to unprecedented levels and the platform economy is set to re-write the textbooks of energy economics
  • How will power producers and grid operators manage their asset data and generate revenue from the vast sets of operational and diagnostic data is one of the areas that will be examined.

Stay tuned for more hot topics at this year’s Electrify Europe.