Enel delivers more than half the promises of smart mobility deal


The governorate of the Vatican City State has signed an agreement with Enel X to jointly promote sustainable mobility in the city.

As part of the agreement, 20 electric vehicle charging stations will be installed, of which 12 have already been completed.

The 22KW EV chargers are mounted on pole stations, to charge two EVs at the same time in public areas.

The agreement is part of a plan by Enel X to install 14,000 charging points by 2020, rising to 28,000 by the end of 2022.

 To date, over 6,000 new charging points have already been installed in partnership with over 900 Italian municipalities and the private sector.

Alessio Torelli, Head of Enel X Italy, said: “The installation of the first Enel X’s charging infrastructure in the Vatican City demonstrates how necessary it has become to prioritise sustainability and environmental protection when selecting from different mobility options,” said . “We are confident that this decision will serve as an example and further contribute to the spread of electric vehicles in Italy. To promote the transition to electric mobility, we are creating a capillary network of charging infrastructure and today we have taken another important step, underscoring our constant commitment in that direction.”