Enel X to enable EV charging in 227 Italian municipalities


Enel X has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Association of Orange Flag Municipalities to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Italy.

The MoU allows the creation of a charging station network in Italy’s 227 Orange Flag municipalities.

Enel X will install, activate and maintain at least two EV charging stations in each of the towns of the Association of Orange Flag Municipalities.

Furthermore, Enel X will install more than two EV charging stations in towns already signed up for the National Plan programme. The National Plan is an initiative being deployed by Enel to expand Italy’s EV charging portfolio.

Installation for members of the Association of Orange Flag Municipalities will be implemented in phases with stage 1 starting in 2018 through to 2019 and the second phase commencing through to 2022.

Francesco Venturini, Head of Enel X, commented: “Electric mobility is proving successful not only in large urban centres, but with this agreement it becomes an important tool for tourism, enhancing the appeal of our country’s landmarks.

“We are enthusiastically contributing to the mission of the Orange Flag Association with our innovative charging technologies: the zero emission car is the ideal way to discover the artistic treasures in the historic centres of the most beautiful Italian villages.”

Fulvio Gazzola, President of the Association of Orange Flag Municipalities, added: “The Orange Flag towns, besides being municipalities with a strong historical-cultural and agri-food vocation, are also highly sensitive to environmental quality.

“This agreement not only meshes well with the dynamics of the Orange Flag brand, but also fits the manner in which these towns should be visited, as most have fewer than 3,000 inhabitants: a ‘gentle’ and non-invasive mobility to protect the towns and the landscape…”

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