Massachusetts city upgrades energy efficiency lighting in schools


Under the contract, the two parties are installing energy efficiency lighting systems for schools in the city.

The project is expected to cost $2.5 million in total with expected annual energy savings of up to $200,000.

James J. Fiorentini, mayor of Haverhill city, said: “Our contract with Ameresco made it possible for us to replace our aging infrastructure, upgrade school buildings and make significant improvements—all without burdening taxpayers with additional capital costs.”

The energy efficiency upgrades include the installation of LED lights, lighting control and energy management systems.

The contract is expected to help the city reduce utility energy bills by 8% as well as lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Michael Daigneault, Ameresco vice president, said: “The project is designed to extract energy efficiencies and to self-fund through future energy savings over the 20-year period.”

Schools benefitting from the upgrades are Bradford Elementary, Consentino, Golden Hill, Moody, Nettle, Pentucket Lake, Silver Hill, Tilton, Walnut Square, Whittier Middle and Haverhill High, reported a local publication.

Energy efficiency lighting in schools

The news follows an announcement made in the last quarter of 2016 by US utility Tucson Electric Power (TEP) that it had kickstarted its energy efficiency pilot to help schools and other public institutions reduce their energy use.

Under the TEP Schools Energy Efficiency pilot programme, the utility will provide funding to help schools install energy efficiency equipment, including LED lights.

In a press statement, TEP said it has set aside $1 million for the implementation of the pilot project.The $1 million will be raised through demand-side management charges paid by TEP customers on their monthly bills.

The pilot aims to help schools in TEP’s service territory to reduce their energy costs. TEP will use the pilot to reduce its reliance on fossil-fuel powered generation.

The launch of the energy efficiency pilot follows its approval by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) in February this year. Read more…


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