California municipality records 70% decrease in energy costs in one year


A municipality in Northern California has recorded a 70% decrease in energy costs by deploying a building energy efficiency project.

The project included $900,000 in capital investment secured from Advanced Energy Capital (AEC) and directed towards installation of energy efficient windows, the optimisation of HVAC systems and LED lighting.

The project began in May 2017, under the management of RTRO Energy and is expected to produce approximately $20,000 per year in positive cash flow with zero investment.

Jack Doueck, principal and founder of AEC, commented: This deal has helped the city achieve their goals without any investment of capital at all.”

The project is part of efforts by the city to reduce carbon emissions, lower operating expenses and turn into a smart city.

The news follows a report issued by Navigant Research forecasting revenue for the commercial, energy efficient HVAC technologies market to reach $61.2 billion in 2027.

Revenue generation within the market is expected to increase from $29.4 billion in 2018, owing to current regulation supporting commercial building owners to adopt smart controls, enabling intelligent management and building operations. Read more…