Energy management: SolarCity unveils new solution for Hawaiian residents


The solution aims to maximise solar generation and self-consumption.

According to a company statement, the advanced technology integrated portfolio includes solar PV, battery storage, smart electric heaters and the Nest Learning thermostat.

Furthermore, SolarCity’s gateway allows coordination of the systems generation, storage and energy usage stages.

The solution utilises the battery, smart electric water heater and the controllable thermostat to remotely modify energy usage based on the amount of solar energy generated to avoid energy from being exported back to the grid.

During the day, the system makes use of the battery for storage of excess generated solar energy for usage during the night.

At the same time, the smart electric water heater uses the solar PV to heat the water during the day and stores it for usage during the night.

SolarCity in home energy management

Last year, SolarCity announced its partnership with home automation company Nest, to offer 10,000 Nest thermostats to new customers in the US.

SolarCity said it was seeking to “build connections” with the Nest Learning Thermostat to help improve solar integration capabilities and generate additional savings for homeowners.

On its own, the Nest thermostat already creates energy savings by programming itself to track homeowners behaviours, regarding temperature and producing a tailored solution for the home.

Homeowners can now improve their energy management as the solution will allow them to lower their heating and cooling bills by up to 20%, depending on how well you “teach” it, claims Nest.

SolarCity said it aims to have the capability to regulate home HVAC systems, pool pumps and other household appliances based on the amount of available solar power.