New England: $33 million in energy savings achieved under utilities programmes


Energy Source has announced that it has saved more than 280 million KW for utility consumers in New England.

The savings are equivalent to more than $33 million in energy costs and were achieved through the installation of energy efficient LED lighting solutions for more than 6,000 consumers over the past decade.

The saving equates to avoiding 230,000 tons of carbon emissions.

Energy Source says it used its experience earned in utility partnership and energy management programmes, including Eversource, National Grid and Mass Save.

National Grid has registered the solutions provider under its Project Expediter programme to help customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island improve and implement energy efficiency retrofits in homes and business premises.

Energy Source has been awarded with National Grid’s PEX Achievement Award for being a leading provider of energy savings for the last eight years.

Eversource Energy has also recognised Energy Source with the 2018 “Top Performer Award” for achieving the highest level of performance for energy efficiency for small businesses in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

“At Knowledge Park, our biggest line item was our power usage and how we were going to control that. Energy Source came in and knew exactly what fixtures were needed and was crystal clear on how much money and energy we were going to save,” said Bob Macnamara, Principal of Knowledge Park.

“The entire process was seamless from the assessment, to install, to post-install. The financial benefit was no question – we can now take the capital and invest it elsewhere.”