Germany completes storage system for €42 million frequency-modulation market


China based battery manufacturer Narada has been selected by smart energy technology solutions firm, Upside Germany, to develop an energy storage station with 50MW+ capacity.

The battery storage system will be completed by next week to participate in a frequency-modulation market service in Germany with a total investment of approximately €42 million.

In a statement, the solution provider said it has completed the design and production of the system, as well as the first system joint debugging and landed the first batch of containers successively.

The battery will provide the German power grid with frequency regulation services to stabilise the operation of the grid, improve reliability and flexibility, as well as promote the integrated development of green energy in the future.

Nerada has over the past two years been developing the plant and integrated it with an advanced energy storage battery technology with a fast responding energy conversion system.

The energy storage solution has already achieved the economy of commercial scale promotion on the user side. Narada has explored the “Investment+Operation” commercial model of energy storage systems, which has entered an accelerated expansion and landing period.

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Nicholas Nhede is an experienced energy sector writer based in Clarion Event's Cape Town office. He has been writing for Smart Energy International’s print and online media platforms since 2015, on topics including metering, smart grids, renewable energy, the Internet of Things, distributed energy resources and smart cities. Originally from Zimbabwe, Nicholas holds a diploma in Journalism and Communication Studies. Nicholas has a passion for how technology can be used to accelerate the energy transition and combat climate change.