Volt optimisation to help Ontario achieve energy goals


Dominion Voltage Inc (DVI), a subsidiary of US utility Dominion Energy, will be entering the Canadian energy market to help utilities in Ontario to meet goals set under the province’s Long-Term energy use reduction goals.

The Ontario Ministry of Energy has set a target to reduce energy use by 7TW by 2020.

The volt optimisation solutions firm has plans to help utility companies in Ontario to reduce energy distribution losses.

The use of the company’s volt optimisation and phase balancing technologies will reduce annual energy demand by 185MW and increase consumer annual savings to 1,130HWh, according to Navigant Research.

Julie Lupinacci, Chief Customer Officer at Hydro Ottawa, an electricity distribution company, said: “Hydro Ottawa applauds the recent decision by the Ontario Ministry of Energy to allow in front of the meter conservation such as CVR to count toward an electric distribution company’s energy savings targets.

“We have been piloting smart meter-enabled voltage reduction over the past year and while the final results aren’t in, we expect we will see persistent, measurable energy savings without requiring any change in customer behavior.”

Todd Headlee, executive director-DVI, added: “DVI appreciates the opportunity to provide the technology and a way forward for Ontario to reach its goals.

“…The savings potential across all of Ontario is tremendous.”

Co-operation in energy services

Stakeholders in the Canadian and US energy sectors are co-operating to improve services offered to consumers.

Hydro Ottawa was last week recognised by the Edison Electric Institute for assisting customers US customers affected by Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

Hydro Ottawa was presented with the association’s “Emergency Assistance Award” for sending a group of 26 employees, including highly skilled powerline maintainers, to rural Georgia to assist in power restoration after Hurricane Irma devastated many communities in the southern United States. Read more…


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