EnergyIP platform extension for analytics and unaccounted for energy


As an extension to its existing meter data management partnership with Siemens, Entergy will continue to build on the Siemens EnergyIP platform with the deployment of an analytics foundation and unaccounted for energy applications.

The analytics foundation provides software tools and technologies that will enable a broad range of users with skill sets ranging from citizen data scientists to advanced application developers, to harness the available data. Such broad access to the information has the potential to radically improve and transform traditional business processes such as load research, distribution planning and customer service, among others.

The unaccounted for energy application extends the analytics technology further to aid in the reliable and efficient detection of electricity and gas theft. Using advanced machine learning algorithms combined with an intuitive interface, the platform will be a powerful tool in the hands of users to make the most of smart meter data.

According to a company release, “The EnergyIP platform allows even greater management and analytics capability for meter data that will help reduce electricity loss and improve power quality for its customer base.”

“Deployed together, unaccounted for energy applications and analytics foundation offer significant opportunities to transform business process and boost profitability.” said Mike Carlson, president of Siemens Digital Grid, North America.