Canada: EV charging corridor underway


ATCO, FLO, the Canadian Tire Corporation and the Natural Resources Canada have partnered to install three EV fast-charging stations in Calgary, Red Deer and in Edmonton.

The EV fast-charging stations are expected to be complete by early 2018 and will be connected to 150 EV charging stations, which are operated by FLO across Canada.

The charging stations will be powered by ATCO and will allow EV users to travel long distances between the province’s three largest cities.

The project is being funded using $62.5 million which the Canadian government directed to the Natural Resources Canada to implement the EV and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative in 2016.

Alberta is the fourth province with the highest number of EVs in Canada. There are 1,000 EVs registered in the province.

Wayne Stensby, Managing Director, Electricity for ATCO, commented: “Our energy landscape is changing, which is why we are investing in infrastructure that empowers our customers to take full advantage of these exciting emerging technologies.”

“Not only did our people lend their local expertise in connecting these cutting-edge charging stations to the grid, but ATCO’s retail energy business is providing the cost-effective, reliable electricity needed to give our customers peace of mind as they commute between Alberta’s three largest cities.”

Louis Tremblay, President and CEO of FLO, added: “The availability of reliable charging infrastructure is a key factor in driving electric vehicle adoption.

“Although the EV market is still small in Alberta, the development of a charging network is a strong catalyst to support electric mobility, by making short and long-distance travel easier and reducing range anxiety.”

“Our government continues to support initiatives that will help build a clean economy, create well-paying jobs and achieve our climate change goals,” concluded Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources.

EV fast-charging in Canada

In related news, the Canadian government had in July launched a $13.6 million initiative to expand EV charging infrastructure along the Trans-Canada Highway.

The government partnered with global energy storage firms eCamion, Leclanche and independent power producer SGEM to construct some 34 EV fast-charging stations. Read more…

Image credit: 123rf