New York utilities aim to boost EV penetration


The New York State Public Service Commission launched an initiative to expand electric vehicle usage and increase the number of charging stations.

The programme determines how utilities can help increase EV penetration.

The launch follows the New York Power Authority, the State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Thruway Authority, and the State Department of Transportation filing a proposal for the energy regulator to timely modify electric rates for electricity customers that install fast chargers for electric vehicle recharging.

The filed proposal states that increase in EV adoption and home and workplace charging, if the energy regulator approves the proposed tariffs, would help utilities to increase their revenue.

The proposal claims revenue generated would be directed by utilities towards maintenance of energy transmission and distribution networks, this will enable long-term reduction in energy tariffs.

Under the launched programme, the energy regulator says it will explore the benefits of utilities providing EV charging infrastructure as well as the proposed tariff designs.

The projects will include exploring cost-effective ways to build such infrastructure and equipment.