Haltom becomes fifth city in Texas to adopt Fathom smart water suite


Under the partnership with Fathom, Haltom city will install some 13,000 smart water meters of which 10,000 will replace existing analogue meters and 3,000 will be installed for new customers.

The smart water meters are expected to help the city to improve its revenue collection through accuracy in billing consumers and elimination of estimated billing and human errors associated with manual meter readings.

The city will install Fathom’s Customer Information system to better access, store and make use of consumer data in improving its services.

The Customer Information System will include the company’s U2You customer portal which consumers can use to access real-time smart meter data and pay water bills online.

The system can also be used by consumers to set monthly water efficiency targets. According to a statement, the system will send personalised alerts to consumers in the event at various stages of set water efficiency targets. For instance, a customer will a receive a notification when they reach half or exceed their monthly efficiency point.

The programme will enable Haltom to reduce non-revenue water through quick identification of water leaks and meter tampering. The project is expected to increase consumer water efficiency through their access to real-time water usage data.

The initiative falls under efforts by Haltom city to improve its customer services.

Haltom city says it expects the programme to save more than $300,000 in operational costs.

Fathom and customer service

Furthermore, Fathom will establish a local customer service centre which will offer support to consumers in improving their water efficiency. The centre will provide personalised tips on how consumers can reduce their monthly water consumption and bills on a face to face basis.

“Communities across the United States are struggling with high—and continually rising—wholesale water prices,” said Trevor Hill, CEO of FATHOM.

“Our mission at FATHOM is to reduce the burden that water scarcity places on both utilities and their residents by providing actionable data insights to drive efficiency at both the environmental and financial levels. We’re excited for Haltom City to become both a local and national water champion.”

Haltom is the fifth in Texas to adopt the Fathom Smart Grid for water solution. [US city to improve customer experience with new portal].


Image Credit: 123rf.