Germany becomes 14th country to receive Sigfox IoT network


According to a company release, the deployment marks the 14th country where the Sigfox network is deployed or under a national rollout.

The network will enable new IoT solution, more pervasive Industry 4.0 and continuous coverage from the Mediterranean Sea to Scandinavia, says Sigfox.

The company’s executive vice president for global sales and partners said: “Germany is a very important market… [the] commitment to deploy a national network reflects this.”

Extending IoT network reach 

Apart from its deployment in Germany, intended to bring energy efficiency benefits to German companies, entrepreneurs and developers, the Sigfox network will be extended to an adjoining area of Western Europe stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to Scandinavia.

[quote] The primary market segments for the IoT network in Germany include, consumer and industrial goods, manufacturing industries, the supply chain, asset management, predictive maintenance and a variety of applications supporting Industry 4.0 – Germany’s major initiative for smart manufacturing.

The global cellular connectivity provider is reported to be working with a local ecosystem of silicon vendors, product manufacturers and distribution partners in Germany to accelerate the development of  IoT and integrate the Sigfox protocol into a wide range of applications.

Sigfox connects smart meters

Last month, Sigfox partnered with US smart meters company Glen Canyon to connect 1m meters to the Sigfox network.

The two companies will work together, bringing together Glen Canyon’s NEXGEN Smart Meters to provide two-way transmission of data over the Sigfox global network.

The smart meters provided by the Californian firm are Sigfox-certified and will enable end consumers to closely monitor energy usage and allows customers to moderate their consumption according to cost at the time of use.

Users can also perform demand reading, power-outage reporting, remote disconnect (load shedding for commercial and industrial customers) and choose a prepayment plan, according to a Sigfox release.

Glen Canyon CEO John Heibel said: “The Sigfox network is an obvious choice for Glen Canyon’s low-cost, plug-and-play smart meters, because it is fully in line with our commitment to provide highly functional but affordable smart meters to utilities around the world.”