500,000 smart water meters to be supplied to Ghana


The Danish metering firm will supply the Ministry of Water and Sanitation with 500,000 smart water meters and a system to enable remote meter reading. The smart water meters will help improve management of water resources for Ghana to address the challenge of water scarcity.

In addition, the system will ensure consumers are accurately billed, leakage is quickly detected and meter tampering detected to reduce non-revenue water. Ghana’s non-revenue water currently stands at 50% of all treated water. Remote meter reading reduces fraud and operational costs associated with manual meter reading.

Kamstrup will partner with Scanvision in implementing the project. The decision to install smart water meters follows a successful pilot which comprised 40,000 intelligent meters.

The deal is an initiative to modernise the country’s water infrastructure in line with international standards.

“With this agreement Ghana is absolutely one of the pioneering countries in Africa in terms of investing in digitalisation of the water supply. A higher awareness of the consumption is one important thing, but digitalisation will also have a significant impact on preserving the country’s water resources in general”, says Per Trøjbo, senior vice president, Kamstrup.

“We have seen really good results in previous projects where the non-revenue water has been halved and we believe the same is possible in Ghana. We are looking forward to further cooperation with Ghana and to help them achieve the advantages from intelligent metering”.

Kamstrup says the MoU highlights the role of national policies or government participation in innovating water systems.

Smart meter penetration in Ghana

In January, Kamstrup and NURI Telecom were contracted by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to supply smart meters with an online STS prepayment solution.

The objective is to reduce energy and revenue losses and provide the best service for the consumers. Following previous collaboration, NURI Telecom has placed an order of 27,000 new OMNIPOWER smart meters with Kamstrup. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.