How to engage your customer in your smart metering project? Attend Smart Metering Scandinavia 2010 and find out!



    On Thursday March 11th, the morning session of Smart Metering Scandinavia will be dedicated to value added services – improving customer interaction and will include the following presentations:

    Moving from a technical to a customer/ marketing oriented business

    • How does marketing orientation completes the business case?
    • how to become a marketing oriented business
    • The Goteborg case study

    Dennis Jonsson, Product Manager New Services, Göteborg Energi, Sweden and Nils Hammar, Business Development Manager, Göteborg Energi, Sweden

    Plans and challenges in smart metering services

    • Real time information provision with in-home displays
    • Hourly consumption data provision via utility web-site

    Harri Hauta-aho, AMM Service Manager, Fortum, Finland

    Benefitting the business through customer feedback
    Getting feedback right

    • The impact of in-home feedback information on customer engagement
    • How to "teach" your customers to get the most out of their smart metering functionalities?
    • Future scenarios for customer involvement and response

    Jens Redmer, New Business Development Principal, Google Inc, Germany

    Real life examples of effective commercial and residential demand response programmes

    • Proper program design fosters participation and maximizes impact; understand how even subtle terms / conditions affect program appeal
    • Education and collaboration are the keys to an effective sales program
    • Client recruitment using affiliate service providers, industry events and current customers

    Paul Tyno, Chairman of the Peak Load Management Aliance USA

    Best Practice For Demand Response and Feedback:  A comparison of 100 pilot studies

    • Dynamic pricing structures and price elasticity
    • Feedback content, layout and placing
    • Customer communication: pitfalls and opportunities

    Jessica Stromback, Senior Partner, VaasaETT Global Energy Think Tank, Finland

    Attend Smart Metering Scandinavia 2010 and find out how to engage your customer in your smart metering project!

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