Enel recognised for digitising HR processes


Italian-based multinational utility Enel has been recognised by the Politecnico di Milano for efforts to digitise its Human Resources (HR) processes.

The utility received the HR Innovation award in the People Experience category for its “People Digital Transformation” project.

The utility launched the project in 2017 under efforts to use innovative technologies to redesign the employee’s journey through the different phases of corporate activity.

Enel has been able to optimise data management to gain maximum value both to support decision-making processes and for more functional information use to support personal services.

The project was implemented in two phases with the first stage lasting for 12 weeks. Phase 1 included identification of areas of intervention, with a survey of internal processes and services involving all the company’s employees.

The second phase is being deployed throughout 2018 and involves the design and implementation of “Employee Journey” and “People Analytics.”

The second phase focuses on different phases of the working life cycle from the experience of a new employee to the professional development of people, as well as access to the most frequently used personal services.

Digitising HR processes is expected to improve employee satisfaction and simplify HR processes.

Francesca Di Carlo, Enel Group’s head of human resources and organisation, said: “We are working to make the most of the opportunities that digitisation offers us with the aim of improving services for people and facilitating careers in Enel. The project is part of the major digital transformation process involving the entire Group, with a particular focus on people,”

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