IIT Roorkee partners with ABB to enhance smart grid development


The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Roorkee) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ABB for the creation of a smart grid at its campus.

The two will construct a smart energy distribution and management system to be piloted under the Smart Cities Mission programme.

In addition, a Smart Grids Resource Center will be created and the two parties will create research and development facilities to focus on efficient and clean power generation and distribution over the next five years.

Prof. Ajit Chaturvedi, director, IIT Roorkee, said, “ Concern for sustainability has always driven all major campus development-related activities of IIT Roorkee, making us one of the pioneers in this space. IIT Roorkee has been harnessing solar energy not only for electricity generation but also for providing direct hot water to all its hostels and residences in the campus and also carries out solar based cooking in the hostels.

“The smart energy management and distribution agreement with ABB takes us many steps closer to creating a 100% green campus and achieving zero carbon dioxide emission in the long run.

The project will demonstrate how smart cities in India can use smart grids and automation to optimise management of power networks.

The smart grid system will integrate the campus’ various energy resources with demand-side management measures, to help the institute lower energy costs by reducing dependence on electricity from the main grid.