In depth: 3 ways GIS can help map your grid expansion


    Utilities have a tool to hand which could make expansion planning and current network management more efficient and integrate scenario planning capabilities into the network. GIS is too often underutilized by utilities, yet this powerful tool could improve and aid network operation and expansion.

    You’ve already done away with the mountains of maps and paper and are using GIS to track, manage and analyze your utility’s infrastructure, understand trends and determine how best to utilize assets. It is one of the most important tools for a modernday utility, and you’ve invested the time and money to get the system implemented. But are you using it to its fullest extent?

    Too often, utilities compartmentalize GIS to serve one particular purpose, such as tracking and managing assets, for example. While this is an absolutely critical function, you may be missing out on the full benefits of the platform. More than simply showing what assets exist on your network, a GIS can help you plan for the future in ways that drastically streamline your processes and efficiencies. There are three key areas in which your GIS platform can be more fully leveraged to plan and prepare for infrastructure expansion.

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