In depth: Assessing the potential for smart grid in emerging markets


    Briefly put: Smart Grid investment in emerging markets will outpace that of developed countries, yet smart grid readiness and benefits still vary from country to country. Currently, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe; and the Middle East and North African regions represent the largest near-term opportunities.

    Over the next decade, emerging market countries will invest nearly $275 billion in smart grid infrastructure, outpacing developed countries. This significant capital investment will result in equally significant benefits for these countries and their electricity customers. The largest 45 emerging market countries currently lose $47 billion annually due to electricity theft and unbilled consumption. Many of these countries also suffer from significant reliability problems with their electric infrastructure. There is also the daunting challenge of integrating intermittent renewable energy resources into their grids. Smart grid infrastructure will address these challenges. However, the scale of smart grid investment will vary by country and therefore a framework is required to evaluate and prioritize countries.

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