Indiana utility deploys Sensus’ Flexnet to improve billling and customer service


Located in Daviess County, Indiana, Washington is a small city that is poised for growth. An expansion of the heavily traveled I-69 highway has added new connections to the region between Evansville and Indianapolis, improving access to jobs, education and healthcare.

The city is expected to witness commercial and residential growth, which prompted the utility to modernise its aging utility infrastructure to be able to support the growing number of residents moving into the city.

“Our electric and water meters were old and needed replacing,” said Anita Ash, utility office manager at Washington Municipal Utilities (WMU).

“We wanted to consolidate our system for reading the meters and billing our customers all onto one platform.”

Sensus Flexnet solution

WMU’s team chose Sensus’ FlexNet communication network and Sensus Analytics to securely collect and transmit customer usage data for more accurate and efficient billing.

With the FlexNet system, WMU staff can monitor usage and report issues to customers in near real time.

“When a customer calls in and wants to discuss their bill, we can bring it right up and go through their usage,” said Ash. “We give them data, which gives them greater understanding. That’s really important.”

She concluded: “We had three meter readers who no longer have to go out in trucks to read them manually, and can focus on more important tasks. We can use the system to monitor power and water remotely, which saves time and resources.”

Sensus deal with Munroe, Washington

In related news,  the city of Monroe’s Public Works Department is deploying Sensus’ smart water solution which includes the company’s OMNI and IPERL smart water meters, FlexNet communication system and data analytics software to quickly detect and reduce the occurrence of water leaks.

In a press statement, Jakeh Roberts, operations and maintenance manager at the city of Monroe, said: “We’ve already begun using the Sensus leak detection capabilities, and the results have been amazing.

“Reducing the time it takes for our technicians to identify leaks enables us to apply their time to other important projects. We can see where the water is going in a way that wasn’t available before, with the potential for significant cost savings.”

Munroe is located in Snohomish County, Washington. Read more …


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