India’s smart grid roadmap – chasing transformation


    India published the Smart Grid Vision and Roadmap for India in September 2013 and this document is set to change the way people in India perceive and interact with power because the road map doesn’t just change the way things have been done in India: it reimagines India’s future.

    Over the past decade, India’s power grid has doubled in size – just as it did in the decade before that. This kind of growth has made India the fourth largest power system in the world, even though consumption is very low and is deemed to be due to suppressed demand. India’s current installed capacity is 225GW and but demand is forecast to reach a capacity of 900GW by 2032. In order to keep up with this demand, plus meet the objectives of an renewable energy plan which aims to have 32GW of renewable energy installed by 2020, and address transmission and distribution losses, India’s smart grid roadmap addresses the holistic objectives of the country and regions.

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