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This week, wireless machine network provider Ingenu said it is deploying an IoT network in Lagos, Nigeria.

Ingenu is partnering with technology management services provider Upland Global Wireless Technology in deploying the communications network to provide connectivity to IoT/M2M, smart city and smart grid applications.

In a press statement, Ingenu said the IoT network is powered by the company’s Random Access Multiple Access technology to enable a secure long-range coverage, two-way transmission and the ability to provide a communication platform to a wide range of applications at the same time.

In Nigeria, the IoT will serve up to 184 million people.

The solutions provider claims the network helps energy companies reduce costs associated with infrastructure management and upgrades, for instance, Shell Nigeria is said to have saved $1 million in infrastructure investments after implementing the technology.

The deployment of the IoT network will be expanded throughout Nigeria and is expected to be complete by December 2017 for the communications network to cover an area of more than 356,000 square miles.

“In the challenging environment and rugged terrain of Nigeria, reliable network operation is paramount,” says the statement.

John Horn, CEO of Ingenu, added: “Working with this innovative company, we look forward to expanding the global network to West Africa and bringing the benefits of IoT connectivity to Nigeria’s ever-expanding economy.”

Network rollouts and Ingenu in tech development

Meanwhile, in late May, Vietnamese utility Ho Chi Minh Power Corporation announced that it completed the rollout of a smart city communications platform under a pilot project.

The smart city communications platform was developed and installed by IoT solutions provider Trilliant Networks.

In a combined statement, EVNHCMC said it will use the RF network to improve the efficiency and reliability of its grid network.

The smart city communications platform will provide connectivity for the utility’s automated metering infrastructure and help the energy provider improve its revenue generation and collection.

In addition, the smart city communications platform will enable the energy provider to improve its workforce management and energy efficiency for its customers.

The pilot fell under efforts by Vietnam to help distribution firms stabilise their grid networks amid the country’s growing energy demand by 8% per annum.

The rollout of the RF network is claimed to be the first in Vietnam. EVNHCMC said it plans to use the network for real-time control and monitoring of some smart streetlights to be deployed in near future.


Image Credit: 123rf.