International power-cut leaves South America in the dark


A massive power-outtage in South America on Sunday saw approximately 48 million people without electricity.

The “massive failure” caused the whole of Argentina and Uruguay, as well as parts of Chile, Paraguay and Brazil without power.

Energy companies in most affected countries have confirmed that most of the power has been restored, with Argentine President Mauricio Macri promising a full investigation.

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The blackout caused entire cities to go dark, and trains and traffic signals to stop working. It’s thought to have started at approximately 10h00AM GMT, just a local elections were taking place in some affected areas, leading to delays in the voting procedure.

Argentinian energy distribution firm Edesur said: “The failure in Argentina’s interconnection system originated from an electricity transport connection between the Yacyretá and Salto Grande power plants on the Argentine Coast.

“In order to guarantee the total replacement of the service, we continue working on the solution of specific cases that arise from the massive failure that occurred in the interconnection system.”