Is technology the key to the utility industry transformation?


    By Sharelynn Moore, Itron

    Briefly put: Over 50 percent of utility executives and customers questioned in a recent survey feel utilities are operationally inefficient. They all, however, believe that technology is the key to greater efficiency, the ability to provide more information and transform the industry.

    Nearly every industry from healthcare to automotive to retail has become more interactive, enabling consumers to engage directly with providers. Technology has infiltrated nearly every aspect of consumers’ lives. People around the world count on the phones in their pockets to provide real-time feedback and access to nearly any information they want – except management of their water and energy.

    The industry is at a critical point in time. Consumers want the kind of service and real-time pricing information they get from other service providers and the entire sector needs to be more efficient to better manage energy and water. The questions remain: How do we get there? Where are utilities investing?

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