ISO New England launches new version of grid app


The Independent System Operator (ISO) of New England has launched its updated mobile application for consumers to track the latest information regarding the operations of the regional grid network.

The unveiled ISO to Go 2.0 simplifies the manner in which market participants and the general public track past, present and future details about the regional power grid, its energy resources and wholesale electricity prices. The new app is available for download on Apple and Android devices.

The first version of the free app ISO to Go 1 was introduced in 2012.

ISO New England has added new features to the first version and these include:

  • A map of pricing data including day-ahead and real-time prices for each of the region’s eight zones, the New England Hub, a reference price for electric energy in the region, and the five interchanges where electricity is imported from, or exported to, neighbouring regions. App users can also view a rolling 12-hour pricing chart for each zone, as well as updates on any binding constraints in the region.
  • Demand curves providing a simple visual of New England’s consumer demand for electricity and how it tracks with the forecast. The updated app provides more detail on real-time regional demand throughout the day, as well as demand for previous days and key data from the ISO’s morning report, 3-day demand forecast, and 7-day capacity forecast.
  • An enhanced fuel mix section detailing the energy sources powering New England at any given moment, including capacity stats for renewable energy resources.
  • Customisable push notifications for users who want to be alerted when the power system is operating under abnormal or emergency conditions, or when prices cross certain thresholds.

Gordon van Welie, president and CEO of ISO New England, commented:  “ISO to Go has gained a steady following among energy industry professionals, data enthusiasts, and New England residents looking to see what is happening on the grid whenever they want, and wherever they may be.

ISO to Go 2.0 builds upon this foundation, improving the experience for users, whether they are deeply invested in the wholesale electricity market or just want to see how their electricity usage is impacting the grid.”