Itron’s Linky smart meters receive G3-PLC certification


In a press statement, the technology company said the G3-PLC certification verifies the performance and conformance of its Linky smart meters to the G3- PLC protocol.

The G3-PLC Alliance awarded testing of Itron’s smart meters to French company Laboratoire des Applications Numériques (LAN).

In addition, the tests also confirmed the meter’s performance, including communications robustness against various types of interference.

Commenting on the development, Mark de Vere White, president of Itron’s Electricity business line said: “Smart grid technology will play an important role in helping ERDF drive increased energy efficiency, deliver more efficient service to its customers, improve distribution operations and manage integration of renewables.”

He reiterated that the certification will allow Itron to “support ERDF in realising this vision as it rolls out approximately 35 million smart meters.”

Linky smart meters communication

During the last quarter of 2015, Smart grid company Sagemcom also secured certification of its G3-PLC smart meters communication processor from the G3-PLC Alliance.

[quote]In a press statement, Sagemcom said that its G3-PLC single and three phase products passed Cenelec A G3-PLC technology according to ITU G.9903 specification confirming full operation of the communication processor.

The testing also done in collaboration with LAN, included interoperability testing to verify compliance of the device’s physical layer with other referenced devices.

In addition, the testing verified the entire product performance complies with requirements as well as its evaluation against the LAN laboratory’s independent tester unit.

The development followed Sagemcom’s own testing of the product with G3-PLC data concentrator (DC) and various smart meters brands showed a time reduction in reading meters’ load profile and improvements of the connection rate.

Commenting on the development, Kaveh Razazian , CTO Energy and Telecom at Sagemcom, said: “Certified and interoperable G3-PLC products have fulfilled the utility needs for a solution that is standard-based and interoperable to protect their large investment to build fast, reliable and intelligent networks.”