Japan and Iran sign MoU on energy efficiency


The Iranian Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES) and Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME) will work together toward the transfer of technology and experience to Iran in the field on energy efficiency.

According to the Financial Tribune, Japanese experts will team up with Iran’s state-run Institute for International Energy Studies to develop what will be the country’s first major roadmap for energy efficiency.

Commenting at the signing of the agreement, Majid Mohammadi Hosseinabadi deputy for international affairs at the IIES, said: “An agreement will be signed with Japan in the near future to draw a framework for energy management policies in Iran.”

[quote] The project will be financially backed by Japan. The Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, is scheduled to visit Iran later this year in a bid to strengthen economic ties between the two countries.

The MoU follows several partnerships signed between Iran and several other global organisations and companies in recent months.

Iran smart meters

In April, smart metering solutions provider Cyan has secured its second contract with Iranian telecoms contractor Micromodje for the supply of 360,000 smart meters.

In a press statement, the UK headquartered metering company said it will provide the telecoms contractor with some 360,000 smart electricity meters under a GBP10m deal.

The smart meters to be installed for high value, high demand customers will be manufactured locally but integrated the metering firm’s Head End Software (HES) which will be hosted by Micromodje.

Adding to this, the Energy Ministers of Iran and Sweden held discussions about the prospect of bilateral cooperation in the Iranian energy sector.

According to an Iranian news agency, the country’s Energy Minister, Hamid Chitchian, has said that two Swedish tech companies will participate in Iran’s power sector in framework of knowledge and technology transfer deals.

In his address to the media, Mr. Chitchian spoke about the years of good relations between Iran and Sweden and said that however sanctions had hampered the process.

Chitchian continued on to say: “With the removal of sanctions, Swedish famous companies ABB and Ericsson, two prestigious firms in energy and electricity, would participate in Iran’s energy projects as transferring technology.

“Iran produces an annual sum of 74,000MW, with projected growth of 6-7 per cent during the next 10 years, which will add another staggering 50,000MW to the current capacity,” he added.