Kansai Electric boosts predictive maintenance with anomaly detection software


Kansai Electric Power has chosen to use Engineering Consultants Group’s (ECG) Predict-It Anomaly Detection and Diagnostic Reasoning platform in its Remote Monitoring Center in Osaka, Japan.

This software will detect problems at the Bluewaters Power Station in Western Australia with the aim of improving plant operation and maximising the asset value.

Kansai Electric Power has created models of major assets at the plant using Predict-It, based on prior operational data stored in Bluewaters’ OSIsoft PI System data historian.

The Predict-It software utilises Advanced Pattern Recognition techniques to detect subtle changes in asset behavior that are precursors to issues that may impact generation, reliability, safety and environment.

Kansai Electric Power anticipates a roll-out of this model used at Bluewaters’ to other generating units and assets within its portfolio. The ultimate objective being a stronger, more efficient business unit with high versatility and transparency, leveraging ECG’s data analytics with Kansai Electric Power’s global experience and process knowledge.

“Kansai Electric Power is leveraging their vast experience in power generation along with operating data diagnostics to gain new insights into operation and maintenance. Analytics will transition our industry to drive value and optimise efficiency in the years to come,” stated Michael Santucci, founder of ECG.

“Operational data monitoring is key to mitigating risk of premature failures, impacting critical generating unit assets.  Foresighted utilities like Kansai Electric have recognised this and are eager to adopt it,” commented Santucci.