UK leads in smart city tech deployment – report


The study Smart Cities Index which was commissioned by Huawei analyses the extent at which UK cities are utilising digital platforms to improve service delivery.

Commenting on the launch of the report, Gordon Luo, CEO for Huawei UK, said: “We wanted to understand how well advanced these schemes were and where lessons could be learnt between them.”

In a combined statement, Huawei said the report measured the deployment and usefulness of the technologies including smart government, smart healthcare, smart education and smart transportation.

[quote] The rankings were calculated using ten criterias such as technology deployment strategies and execution including vision, objectives, implementation, record, environmental impact and community reach.

London is said was selected as UK’s leading city due its deployment of a range of innovations including in its congestion charge scheme, other transport innovations and the London Datastore.

Whilst Bristol was chosen because of its deployment of ‘Bristol Is Open’ smart city programme which united the University of Bristol, Bristol City Council and industry partners to create a city-scale network for innovation.

East Birmingham and Glasgow were ranked third and fourth respectively due to their rollout of smart cities projects including the creation of an IoT testbed in East Birmingham and Glasgow’s Future Cities Demonstrator programmes.

The report is said showcases themes implemented across the successful smart city projects including:

  • The importance of leadership and vision
  • A need to focus on local priorities and strengths
  • The importance of engagement with local communities
  • Building local partnerships and understanding the way in which the data revolution can improve services and boost innovation.

Commenting on the launch of the report, Ed Vaizey MP, UK’s minister of state for culture and the digital economy said the study “will encourage city leaders to share best practice and promote competition, because smarter use of data and technology drives growth and delivers a better quality of life.” [UK’s Bristol selects Silver Spring platform for smart city project].

The report also shows the role which the UK government played towards the successful deployment of the smart cities technologies through the launch of the Future Cities and IoT demonstration programmes which provided seed funding for London and Bristol, states the statement.