Los Angeles expands storage portfolio for grid efficiency


The construction of the 20MW battery energy storage system falls under efforts by the utility to expand its energy storage portfolio. By increasing its energy storage capacity, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power says it will be able to improve the efficiency of the grid network through increased integration of distributed renewable energy resources with the main grid.

Once completed, the energy storage plant will store energy generated at the Beacon Solar plant and electricity sourced from 600MW of solar capacity and 135MW of wind capacity generated by multi-utility companies in the area.

The 20MW energy storage system increases the utility’s total energy storage capacity to 1,296MW. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power set a target of constructing 178MW of new storage capacity by 2021.

The utility selected Doosan GridTech for the provision of the battery energy storage system, KTY Engineering for project management and SMA for the supply of energy storage inverters.

Doosan GridTech’s technology will be used to remotely monitor energy generation at the solar plant, its storage and supply into the main grid to meet demand and ensure reliability during peak periods.

Energy storage in Canada

Meanwhile, in Canada, the Independent Energy Systems Operator (IESO) will make use of an energy storage system to stabilise the grid network in Ontario.

The battery energy storage system is claimed to be the first utility-scale energy storage plant in Ontario. The system was built by EPAL, Deltro Energy and Leclanche at a total cost of $25 million. The project will help IESO to improve management of energy capacity generated by distributed energy resources, increased integration with the main grid over the past three years.

The use of the plant is expected to help consumer energy bills affordable due to the use of cheaper and cleaner energy generation resources. Moreover, utilities including Ontario Power, connected to IESO’s energy transmission network, will be able to meet peak demand. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.