Major companies call for Japan to accelerate renewables transition


More than 20 major corporates, counting Sony, Aeon, and Fujitsu have called on the Japanese government to source at least half of it’s electricity from renewables by 2030, instead of the government’s current goal of 22-24%.

The strongest call was issued at a renewable energy summit organised by the Japanese Climate Leaders Partnership.

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The partnership have noted that Japan should make an in-depth assessment of the wider benefits of switching to renewable energy, and share these publically to create shared awareness, and a more favourable policy environment that can help bring the cost of renewable energy, bringing the country in line with other G20 countries.

The companies also stressed that power purchase agreements (PPA’s) should be simplified to enable corporates to make long-term renewable energy purchases at a guaranteed price.

Other companies making the call are Konica Minolta, Sony Corporation, Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, Ricoh Company, Daito Trust Construction, Daiwa House Industry, Askul Corporation, Envipro Holdings, Co-op Sapporo, The Johnan Shinkin Bank, Sekisui House, Tokyu Land Corporation, Toda Corporation, Nomura Research Institute, Fuyo General Lease, Marui Group, Watami and Apple.