US utility kickstarts AMI rollout following MDM success


Con Edison Company of New York and Orange & Rockland Utilities have started deploying advanced electric meters following a successful initial rollout of a meter data management software.

OMNETRIC Group, a joint venture of Siemens and Accenture, integrated its EnergyIP meter data management software with utilities’ grid networks.

The software will enable the two utility companies to acquire, process and store consumer energy usage data in near real time.

By having access to real time consumer energy usage data, the pair will be able to improve management and reliability of grid infrastructure, reduce power outages, improve customer services and expand portfolios of renewable energy resources integrated with energy networks.

The rollout of the EnergyIP was completed in June 2017, will manage approximately five million smart meters by 2022 and help the energy providers to achieve goals set under the New York REV to become smart utilities.

According to a statement, the use of smart meters will result in reduction of estimated billing by 90%. The installed software enable gas and electricity consumers to be provided with access to their energy consumption data every 15 minutes. The remote acquisition of consumer usage data eliminates human error associated with manual meter readings and will help utilities to reduce operational costs and carbon footprints.

“The OMNETRIC Group – Siemens team worked closely with Con Edison and Orange & Rockland to successfully deploy the first phase of the program; ready for the first meters to go live in July,” says Craig Cavanaugh, CEO of OMNETRIC Group in North America. “The utility is already seeing how EnergyIP will serve as more than a meter data management system, able to process information about the low-voltage network that will improve grid reliability and efficiency across their territory.”

Meter data management software

A number of utilities in the US have realised the benefits of the group’s meter data management software. In mid-June, Clay Electric Cooperative, energy provider to 170,000 members in Florida, contracted OMNETRIC Group to install the meter data management software. The software is being deployed as part of the utility’s AMI rollout and is expected to enable Clay Electric improve its customer service, reliability and operational efficiency. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.