In depth: Metering communication – Don’t bet on the wrong standards


    Examines the role of current interoperability standards and calls into question whether these are truly interoperable. Examining PRIME, G3-PLC, and OSGP and determining whether the interoperability is truly across the entire system, or just within a few reference layers of the whole communication model.

    The number of pilot projects with smart e-meters, where double-sided communication has been used successfully, continues to grow. This growing reference information enables us to evaluate both single technologies, and the requirements for more complex solutions. There is no doubt that plenty of nice-looking paper or electronic presentations have been made where the results of these projects has been described. Customers and final users (utilities) are persuaded that there is no necessity to come up with anything new, because the answer already exists and everything is operating perfectly. In fact, it is hard to receive the real results of realised projects and because of this, it is hard to evaluate them reasonably and in a provable way.

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