Microgrids provide stability to US cities and military installations


“Resilience” is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; and is therefore a crucial factor when considering the modernization of critical power infrastructures for the durability and longevity of the electric grid. 2012’s Superstorm Sandy, having torn through the US Northeast, leaving 8.5 million in the dark, provided the timely catalyst for US leaders and policy makers to investigate the overdue upgrade and reinforcement of the aging regional electricity grid.

Like many 20th century electrical models, the country’s legacy infrastructure was not designed to withstand the extreme pressure it has been subjected to in recent years. Today’s power utilities are not only expected to keep up with escalating demand and the changing needs of the modern consumer, but are also faced with the arduous task of combating the adverse effects of severe storms whilst at the same time, attempting to maintain a secure, uninterrupted power of high quality regardless of a compromised grid.

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