Finnish capital set new efficiency goals under smart city project


According to a statement, the three cities target to implement the mySMARTLife project through to 2021 and reduce energy use in selected raeas.

Under the mySMARTLife initiative, the Finnish capital together with Hamburg (Germany) and Nantes (France) cities will use commercial-scale smart solutions to improve energy management in buildings and other urban infrastructure.

The project is using EUR18 million from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and, EUR5.6 million from the city of Helsinki.

Mikko Martika, leader of the mySMARTLife at Helsinki lighthouse, commented: “Every city involved in the mySMARTLife project develops its own program to achieve the projected cuts.”

He said reducing energy use will help to lower cities carbon emissions, contributors of 70% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

mySMARTLife project deployment

The city of Helsinki will establish its research and development facility for creation and testing of innovative solutions at the Viikki Environment House.

The facility will develop new and improve existing smart energy solutions for office buildings.

To date, the facility is ranked one of the most energy efficient and smart buildings in Finland. The building is powered by energy generated from solar and wind, makes use of geothermal cooling and has an intelligent lighting system.

In upgrading the building, the city of Helsinki partnered with Siemens to develop an energy storage system which is used to store energy generated from the clean energy resources. The energy storage system has a capacity to store energy which can be used to provide energy to a single-family house for 18 hours.

The energy storage system is also used to power the building’s Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure.

In addition, the city is planning to integrate an energy management and demand response system developed by Fourdeg to monitor and control the energy consumption of heating system.

Technologies to be developed will be deployed under pilots in residential buildings currently being constructed at the new Kalasatama area, set aside for smart city development platform.

At the moment, some of the smart home automation solutions being deployed at the new site include technologies developed by ABB. The solutions to be included at the new site will also include EV charging stations, smart grid network and energy storage to reduce peak demand.