Chief – Brand Officer

I have been actively working in Secure from 2006 but have been involved with the company, at a distance, through its 27 years. This allows me a bird’s eye view of the group; essential for my role as a communicator for both its internal and external needs.

The Secure brand was strong when I started work but the group was expanding. We needed to give it a strategic direction and to ensure that the brand embodied our core values. This is what I, with a team of 4, am involved in for now.

A part of my work is to drive projects we run in our community. Our focus is to influence education in Udaipur. The other area I work in is through my involvement with teams in the company that conduct sporting and cultural activities, I try to instil a spirit of togetherness to help Secure achieve its business objectives. All the activities are a reflection of the values we believe in and live.