NARUC awards DR initiative for National Grid


The National Association of Regulatory Commissioners (NARUC)’s award recognise a demand response pilot initiative which National Grid is deploying for its gas customers in partnership with Autogrid.

Carlos Nouel, Vice President New Energy Solutions, National Grid, said: “What this award says to us is that state utility regulators are leading and supporting innovative business models that develop new ways to manage a flexible and reliable energy system.

“We’re pleased to get this recognition because it validates that we’re going in the right direction—using new technology to deliver value and savings to our customers.”

Brien J. Sheahan, Chair of the NARUC Presidential Task Force on Innovation, added: “The awards demonstrate how state-level regulation and policy can support technological and market innovation.

“We hope these awards will promote the spread of knowledge and understanding of innovation in regulatory issues.”

The pilot includes the use of AutoGrid Flex software to help industrial and commercial consumers in Long Island and New York reduce gas consumption levels during times when supply is low and demand high. The cloud based software is used to communicate energy usage reduction commands to consumer furnaces, boilers and other gas-fired equipment registered with the demand response project.

The demand response pilot is implemented between 6:00-9:00 am as from December 1 through to February 28 to sustain the reliability of the gas network during winter when demand is high.

Consumers receive incentives for reducing energy during demand response events. The pilot is demonstrating how National Grid can use demand response to minimise operational costs and the need for capacity upgrades to meet peak demand. Moreover, consumers reducing energy usage reduces the utility’s carbon footprint.

Consumer energy efficiency programmes

In early August, National Grid announced that it is designing smart grid programmes which will increase its visibility into how energy is used and lower energy costs for its customers.

In an informational outreach forum Thursday, July 27, in the Lynn City Hall for residents of Lynn, Swampscott, Marblehead and Nahant in Massachusetts, Marcy Reed, president of National Grid, Massachusetts, said: “We believe having these programmes allow customers to make smarter choices and save money.” Read more…


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