Brazil pilots distributed storage to expand clean generation on archipelago


Brazilian energy distribution company, Neoenergia Group, has selected smart energy storage firm NEC Energy Solutions for the supply of a distributed storage solution in Fernando de Noronha.

The solution provider is supplying its lithium-ion based technology for the utility to use in a research and development project.

The solution comprises batteries, integrated power converters, proprietary software and energy storage control system AEROS.

The project aims to trial how energy storage can help the utility to manage energy demand on its grid, as well as help expand solar power generation.

The energy storage system will be used to store electricity generated from two solar plants during the day and dispatch for use during peak periods.

The project will also assist in diesel fuel reduction to help preserve the natural environment of Fernando de Noronha.

The decision to develop an intelligent energy storage system follows a recommendation provided by the National Electric Energy Agency in 2017.

The project is being managed by Lactec Institutes and partners – IATI, UFMG, USP and TECSYS.

José Antonio de Souza Brito, corporate manager of R&D for the Neoenergia Group, said the project “… is expected to be completed in August of 2018, when the performance evaluation will commence for the next four years.

“Our proposal was evaluated thoroughly by the sector’s regulatory body, ANEEL and we are quite optimistic that it will be a success. In fact, we are conducting studies for a potential extension of the current project scope to be put into practice at a later date.”