Bangladesh renewable

Bangladeshi government: Partners sought for rural renewables

The Bangladeshi government is bidding for more partners to take part in its “Taka” programme, which aims to bring renewable household electricity, street lighting and cooking stoves to every off-grid community in the country.
German energy transition

IEA commends German energy sector’s transition efforts, but…

Germany has made progress on its impressive plans for transforming its energy system, but greater action is needed beyond the electricity sector, a new IEA report says.
Spain solar

Prodiel wins MW contract for 500MW of new Spanish solar

Talayuela Solar, with 300 MW, will become one of the largest photovoltaic plants on the Iberian peninsula, while Cabrera Solar, with 200 MW, will be the largest in the whole of Andalusia.
smart grid communications

£2.8 million project to develop a smart local energy system in...

UKRI is funding a two-year project for the design of a smart local energy system in the town of Warrington.

SANEDI underway with large-scale home cooling initiative

SANEDI is now underway rolling out this low-tech cooling solution to communities across the country.

Best practices to extend battery life and minimise degradation applauded

RBC has applauded research published by the University of Michigan in the Journal of Energy Storage on best practices for consumers for extending the life of lithium-ion batteries.
solar netherlands

Tender for largest solar project in the Netherlands awarded

The development of the largest solar energy plant in the Netherlands has been announced by renewable energy fund manager Impax Asset Management.
New York EV ConEd

ConEd launches public EV charging network across NYC – at a...

ConEd is rolling out a total of 60 dual-charging level 2 charging points at public parking spaces across New York City’s five boroughs.
off-grid solar

Annual off-grid solar market hits $1.75bn, lights 420 million users

The World Bank and GOGLA have released a new report analysing trends within the off-grid solar energy market.

New Australian 2GW solar joint venture announced for 2025

Maoneng has partnered with Chint New Energy to build 2GW of solar capacity and bring it online by 2025 as part of a new joint venture.

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