PG&E seeks approval for 182MW energy storage farm


Californian’s may see the installation of the largest-ever Tesla Powerpack if PG&E is given approval by the Public Utilities Commision (PUC) for a 182.5MW energy storage farm.

To be housed at the PG&E South Bay – Moss Landing Energy Storage site, this is one of four projects currently before the PUC for approval. The utility has sought approvals for three privately owned energy storage projects.

The projects will aid in grid balancing and management, feeding in when consumption is high or during service interruptions.

“Energy storage plays an increasingly important role in California’s clean energy future, and while it has been a part of PG&E’s power mix for decades – starting with the Helms Pumped Storage Plant in the 1980’s – recent decreases in battery prices are enabling energy storage to become a competitive alternative to traditional solutions. As a result, we believe that battery energy storage will be even more significant in enhancing overall grid reliability, integrating renewables, and helping customers save energy and money,” said Roy Kuga, vice president, Grid Integration and Innovation, PG&E.

It is believed that the project will have enough capacity to provide power for up to four hours, although the expansion of the Tesla project could increase this six hours.