President / Chief Executive Officer, KG Technologies, Inc.

Philipp Gruner has worked for KG Technologies, Inc. since 1996 in part time operations and joined KG Technologies full time in 2003 as a Product Engineer and managing IT.  In 2005, he became Vice President of Engineering and has held a variety of positions within the company and became the President and Director of Engineering of KG Technologies in 2007.  In 2013, he was appointed CEO of KG Technologies.

In 2006, Philipp and his brother Thomas took over the management of KG Technologies with one employee in the company. Under Philipp’s executive and technical leadership KG Technologies grew from an annual revenue of $300K in 2006 to $40 million in 2010.

Philipp has been the inventor of several KG Technologies products which hold patents in the USA, Mexico, South Korea, South Africa, Japan, and Australia and are still pending in Brazil, Canada, India, the EU and China.

Philipp Gruner is also a voting member or Director of the KG Technologies family of companies (CLODI LLC, KG Technologies, Inc., KG-Technologies Europe GmbH).

In 2011, KG Technologies was recognized for its accomplishments by and was named the 49th fastest growing private company in America on their Inc 500 list.

In April 2013, KG Technologies was awarded the “Top Innovation Award” by General Electric (GE) in recognition of outstanding commitment to innovation.