ComEd achieves 34% reduction in outages since 2012


In a press statement, the energy provider said it witnessed a 34% reduction in the number of power outages due to its investments in smart grid technologies over the past five years.

Power outages

The utility firm said its smart grid investments made since 2012 reduced the duration of outages in its grid system by 48%.

The utility’s smart grid investments helped to avoid 7.6 million customer interruptions and saved $1.4 billion in societal savings.

In 2016, consumers connected to ComEd’s grid experienced a 15% reduction in the frequency of power outages compared to 2015 levels.  The energy distribution firm claims that more than 3 million of its customers experienced zero or only 1 outage last year.

According to the Electric Benchmarking, ComEd is leading amongst utilities in the US in terms of returns on smart grid investments.

Efforts made by ComEd to modernise its grid system, optimise operations and improve its customer services through smart grid solutions since 2012 led to Global energy market research firm Market Strategies International naming the Chicago-based energy company as the Most Improved Electric Utility of 2016.

Jim Schultz, CEO of Intersect Illinois, a privately funded economic development organisation, commented: “ComEd’s continued infrastructure investment aimed at modernising and bringing innovative digital equipment to the grid is an important component to Illinois’ economic growth efforts.”

The utility firm reported that it spent $6.7 billion in deploying smart grid projects throughout its service territories resulting in the creation of 39,234 jobs and infrastructure development covering 59 million square feet since 2012.

Anne Pramaggiore, CEO of ComEd, added: “Improving the reliability of our system for our customers has always been the fundamental goal of our smart grid work.”

Energy efficiency savings

In related news, ComEd announced the results of its energy efficiency programme, Home Energy Assessment, since its introduction several years ago in 2008.

In a press statement released in late December 2016, the utility firm said it assisted its customers to save $2.1 billion in energy bills since the launch of its energy efficiency programme.

The energy efficiency programme helped customers of ComEd to reduce their energy usage by over 19.5 million megawatts – enough to power more than 2.1 million homes for a year.

The project resulted in the energy firm avoiding 27.1 billion pounds of carbon emissions since 2008. Read more…


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