US Utility District optimises data management for three divisions


In the US state of Washington, the Grant County Public Utility District has selected Accruent to improve management of engineering data.

The rural utility, service provider to 40,000 customers, has commissioned Accruent’s engineering information management solution for its three departments; Power Production Engineering & Transmission, Substation & Automation, as well as the Telecommunications division.

The engineering information management solution will be integrated with IBM’s Maximo.

The integration provides capabilities including role-based security, workflow and approval, version and revision control, data backup, multiple search capabilities and the ability to view engineering drawings without AutoCAD.

The energy provider employed the technology to improve security and control of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) documents to meet the CIP Reliability Standards stipulated under federal regulations on security of critical assets.

Upgrading to the new technologies will help the Utility District to increase management visibility, provide better security and control of their CIP documents, reduce project timelines and improve project performance.

The energy generator (21,000MW) says the development will help the utility achieve its targets set under the Vision 2021 plan, targets that include sustaining affordable rates.

Susy Anderson, ECM project manager, Grant Public Utility District, said: “While Grant PUD is a mid-size utility, we have the needs of a much bigger utility.

“Implementing Accruent’s solution helps our teams to work collaboratively, complete assignments efficiently, and manage compliance with federal regulations.”

John Borgerding, CEO, Accruent, added: “Implementing technology advancements was a key initiative for Grant PUD to support its growth.

“Accruent’s solutions can help utilities like Grant PUD become even more efficient, reducing costs and rework to provide even greater value to their customers.”