Uganda’s Umeme, the company responsible for the majority of the electricity distribution in the country, has had a challenging time bringing losses down, improving billing and meter reading and reducing theft. Metering interventions have played a part in the company’s strategy.

In 2005, Uganda’s Electricity Distribution Company Limited handed over control of the country’s distribution networks (up to 33 kV) to Umeme Limited, a company 60% owned by Actis (previously GDG Globeleq), with the remainder of the company listed on the Ugandan Stock Exchange. Umeme now operates, under concession, the entire electricity distribution network for Uganda.

The 20 year concession is meant to allow for increased foreign investment into the power sector and Ugandan economy, improving the quality of electricity supply within the country through rehabilitation, upgrading and expanding of the distribution network, and increasing connections to previously unconnected customers.

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