Romania: utility appoints IoT firm to launch smart metering programme


In Romania, utility company Enet Energy S.A Focsani, has selected Polish industrial IoT solution firm DeviceHub to implement a smart metering programme.

Enet Energy SA Focsani is integrating its heating and hot water distribution network with DeviceHub’s smart meter data management platform, Smart Metering Pro.

Smart Metering Pro will automate meter reading, data management and billing for 800 consumer accounts and 1,500 metering points equipped with Itron and Kamstrup smart meters.

The solution will reduce costs, time spent and human error associated with manual meter data acquisition and processing. The smart metering solution will reduce the number of people involved from 20 to 1 and the number of days from between 3 and 4 days to hours.

Enet Energy SA chose the smart meter data management solution due to its ability to secure data against hacking and leverage to iOS/Android terminals, GIS support, redundant internet connectivity and pdf/csv export of energy data.

Installation of the smart meter data management solution, communication gateways and the smart meters is scheduled for the next 12 months. The project will be divided in three phases.

“The contract with Enet Focsani confirms the Smart Metering Pro market’s potential, on one side and the general interest for Smart Grid and Smart City solutions in the private and public sector. Our solution is addressing the need of utility vendors to update their services in order to stay competitive. I want to thank to our partners, Deutsche Telekom and Telekom Romania for making this happen,” stated Ionut Cotoi, CEO and Co-founder DeviceHub.

Itron smart meters

The news follows the Jefferson County Public Utilities District, in the US state of Washington, partnering with Itron to deploy its advanced metering infrastructure programme (AMI).

The rollout of the AMI followed a decision made by the board of commissioners at Jefferson County Public Utilities District to purchase 19,000 smart meters to accurately bill and improve services to electric customers. Read more…


Image credit: Shutterstock